Monday, October 31, 2011

The Walk

The Walk

No one will know that my boot has hit this ground
But maybe inhabitants 10,000 years from now
Will marvel at what they found.

No one will know that my boot has touched this ground.
For silence was its legacy
the wind is the only sound
carrying my silence...
to the one who writes it all down

Just one knows my foot has caressed this ground
Hope for now
Known when the work is done.

The Prayer

The Prayer

Throw it to the wind
Let it take it where it will
For who knows upon whose head it will light
The sweet whispering of will.
So sweet to the taste,
So easy to afford,
But to keep, another story to be told.
So throw it to the wind,
and just let it go.
The one who whispers,
is the one who knows.

Oh For Silence

Oh for Silence

Oh for a moment of silence,
but ne’er it is meant to be
For upon my plate there sits
The greens I loathe to eat.
Bitter is the taste
And more than that below.
“Good for me,” you say it is,
Though the texture makes me choke.
“How long can this be good?”
“But for your illness this is food,”
“The time”......
“is up to you”....

Sunday, October 30, 2011

House of Cards

House of Cards
By MT Hansen

“Look” I said, “My oh my.”
A house of cards built to the sky
Standing defiant and strong
holding forth the breeze all day long

If by chance a whisper finds its way
through the defenses that they have arrayed
A card goes flitting far far away
and people come out
and mill all about
then tell us no worry
we have people for that

Look over there is all they say
While they ponder the whisper and how to keep it away
another befalls
because of weakness and flaws
in there house of cards.

How does it stay together
and damage so quickly covered
as they keep our eyes
wandering the skies
in search of something better,
It is all a house of cards

“Look!” I said, “My oh my,”
A house of cards built to the sky
all the people that they had
are tied up somewhere in a foreign land
and the wind is whispering
louder than it ever has


A Lesson Learned From My Son

My son. He is 13. I love him to pieces. Love him terribly.

My son frustrates me. Sometimes to the point that I lose it. Doesn't mean I love him less. On the contrary it is because I love him so deeply that I get angry. He doesn't, and that actually flabbergasts me and can make me even more upset. I know I am in the wrong. I know I have screwed up, I know I must apologize and ask forgiveness which he gives without hesitation. He is doing what I want to do every step of my life but am so unable to. He is being Christ. He is a mirror for me, and mostly I do not like what I see. But that doesn't change his love for me. And there is where I want to start this story.

We are in the end times of that there is no doubt. The organized church structures worldwide for the most part are oblivious to it. In my mind that is sad. For it is an indication that their first love has been lost somewhere down the list of life priorities. For if our eyes are fixed on Jesus the author and finisher of our faith then the signs of the times would be readily apparent to them.

A while back I got onto an internet radio program that I think is doing Kingdom work. It is depressing work though, and must be a terribly hard slog for the folks that feel called to do it. I have stuck around and tried to be and encouragement to them. However, that seems to have brought strange vibes from that direction. Like a cold shoulder. That is alright, for it seems to be a thread in my life. That is a story for another time though.

One thing that I have rediscovered in hanging around is this: Shows or ministries that tend to focus on warning of the enemies traps, seem to develop an air of arrogance. Do not get me wrong. We need to be wise as serpents and know the devices of the enemy. For if we are blind to those devices we will get trapped by one. But why do they get an air of arrogance?

We all have different jobs in the body of Christ. That is made clear in Scripture, when Paul talks about the different members of the Body of Christ. So it is Biblical to think that I may have an insight or information that I understand and would like to share with the body of Christ as a whole. I may even feel a duty to do so. When people do not want to hear or outright reject the insight a feeling can develop that, "this message will be heard even if I have to tie you down and force feed it to you."

I get there quickly, because I do not view life from the same angle that most do. When folks all agree about something, I always seem to have this "Have you considered this in the equation" moment. I have found throughout my life people such as me are in the minority, and we are not well appreciated for out talent. We also tend to congregate around those of like personality. So I like the radio show. It is vital information. When folks like us discover something there is an adrenaline rush that comes in knowing something that could make a difference in someones quality of life. I tend to think, " if I can just make them understand me then they will realize I was only trying to help them." When that is rejected it hurts me deeply. There really is no arrogance that I feel, but I am viewed as being such. Or having an air of arrogance. That just adds to the hurt.

I tend to think Christ hurts very deeply a lot of the time. He knows the right way clearly, and for the most part we do not listen. We get "arrogant" and think we know what needs to be done and just end up stabbing around in the dark. Then when we hit flesh and hear a whimper we run them through. We do an information dump and end up proving we are nuts indeed.

Much of the information on the radio show centers on how the workers are few and we have to work tirelessly to get this information out. The host and his staff of helpers are really gifted for this particular task. if not a bit over zealous. But the followers their work are the ones doing much of the complaining, and still end up not doing anything significant for the kingdom. They are like groupies. For example, One lives near where my grandma lives in the winter and I chatted a bit with him, and was telling him that she knows the truth but is being deceived. I said I wish someone would talk to her because she won't listen to me. No response, none. Another time I suggested on the chat board during one of the shows that we should get some prayer warriors together and pray against the particular issue that was being presented by the host. No response. Not one reply.

Much of the chat centers around how bad the organized church is, how wrong a particular teaching is or what item of information they have that is important for everyone to hear. They live on the adrenaline rush,. It seems everyone is waiting around to get taken out of here, "raptured". Jesus said be sure to occupy till I return, and the information that is being disseminated should motivate to do just that. It doesn't seem too.

Frankly many of the very churches that they are so quick to complain about, are doing just that. Occupying, even if there first love has slipped, they are doing Kingdom work. I am not really sure which situation is worse. They both are wrong.

If we are in a battle, and we are, than we need to be strategic about how we fight that battle. However, nobody wants to fight. Nobody wants to talk to their neighbor. Nobody gives a rats butt about the thick foggy deception that is covering people in this day and age. Most seem to be in holding pattern stabbing in the dark and waiting to go home. I admit it is an easy place to sit and be arrogant....

Nobody but my son that is. Early on in listening to the show, he asked what the rapture was, I was excited and told him all about what heaven would be like and that it meant that Jesus will come back soon and take us there to be safe. Now he has been born again since 4 yrs old. When he was a baby my wife and I prayed over him for an hour or more giving him to the Lord, as Samuel, for whatever purpose the Lord saw fit.

When I told him excitedly all about heaven and we might go soon without dying, this was his response:

Dad, could I stay if I want because I want to help with the people that do not make it. Especially my friends and there relatives.  

Once again I did not like what I saw in that mirror. It tore me up.

Let me ask this question, Who do you think has the true heart of Christ in them?