Sunday, October 30, 2011

House of Cards

House of Cards
By MT Hansen

“Look” I said, “My oh my.”
A house of cards built to the sky
Standing defiant and strong
holding forth the breeze all day long

If by chance a whisper finds its way
through the defenses that they have arrayed
A card goes flitting far far away
and people come out
and mill all about
then tell us no worry
we have people for that

Look over there is all they say
While they ponder the whisper and how to keep it away
another befalls
because of weakness and flaws
in there house of cards.

How does it stay together
and damage so quickly covered
as they keep our eyes
wandering the skies
in search of something better,
It is all a house of cards

“Look!” I said, “My oh my,”
A house of cards built to the sky
all the people that they had
are tied up somewhere in a foreign land
and the wind is whispering
louder than it ever has


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