Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gods Insane People

Does anyone else notice the utter insanity in what would be called God people? Particularly in what would be called the charismatics.  Charismatic from the christian point of view would be someone who believes certain gifts of the Holy Spirit operate through them.  I will state right up front.  I believe in the gifts of the Spirit.  I also believe they are available today and always have been available.  However the expression of them is being abused in today's so called "church culture".

Here are some supernatural ones believers say should exist:

Speaking in tongues, meaning gibberish that the Lord understands but nobody else does, not even you.  Some say it is a way to get out what you really want to say in prayer but can't put into words.

Healing.  Not much explanation needed here. Most have seen some TV person say they have a healing ministry and heal people for the world to see.  Or there is Benny Hinn who I  can say without a doubt cannot heal.

Prophecy.  Everyone today has a word from the Lord.

These are the big three.  The ones that we see abused throughout the world.  The one I want to focus on is prophecy.  The reason I want to focus on this is because it is being used to the extreme by the enemy of God, at this time in history, to confuse the true followers of Christ.

The reason I say that the enemy is using it is this:  Many different camps of doctrinal belief systems use this "word from the Lord" to support there continued exploits.  I will give just a couple examples.   One group believes that there is coming a great harvest of souls,. that it just about time, and that those who have been waiting for it and have spent many years being prepared by the Lord for this harvest of souls are about to be released.  What that actually means is anybodies guess.  But it is supposed to come with great provision and power to do mighty exploits. This has been at the doorstep since at least the mid 90's. There are many "Words of the Lord" on the internet that have this flavor.
Another group adheres to the idea that the Lord is coming very soon to "rapture believers away"  to get them out of here so the final prophecies of the Bible can be fullfilled.  Of all the end time ideologies out there this is probably closest to the biblical text.  But  there are a couple of twists on it..  One that comes out of the heresy perpretrated by the Kansas City Fellowship and later the Toronto Blessing (do a search on them you will get more than enough to understand why it is heresy) says that only a select few are going to be priveledged enough to be taken out of danger.  The ones that  "Overcome"  or "endure till the end." These few "self proclaimed" people will be endowed with special powers and they will go about like the two wittnesses laying everbody low that gets in there way. It is an extremely confusing idea as it relates to the rapture. I was friends with an old timer that was part of the beginnings of this theology. He could not really give a straight answer.

Another twist is that "The church as a whole is asleep and are not aware of the signs of the times.  That is because only   the ones that "recognize the signs of the times" and are looking for his return, are the ones to be raptured out of danger. The rest have to endure pain and suffering through the tribulation to learn there lesson.  One big  problem with  rapture theology in combination the "Word from the Lord" that supports there stance is that most of the folks I have encountered just sits around telling everyone else how bad they are and that they better get right.  They do not seem to do any real  "kingdom work". There waiting to be snatched out of this world, and if you are left behind, it isn't because THEY didn't tell you.  If anyone is going to get left behind in the rapture it is the ones that do not have Jesus as their first love.  What groom would want a bride that just wants out of danger?  No the bride without spot or wrinkle is a bride that wants nothing more than to be with her Groom.  Jesus himself said if you don't give it all up for Him you won't get Him.   I want Jesus more than Life.  Do You?

 Then you have the hundreds of armchair prophets who say "thus says the Lord"  and are so angry and UNLOVING in the delivery that it leaves most who read it bleeding in pile of self loathing. Those are the ones that think they still live in Old Testament times. Also most in this camp believe there is no rapture at all. Or if there is one it is at the end of the tribulation period.

There are many more types and flavors out there but that is enough for me to make my point. That is this. If they are all "hearing from the Lord" and "proclaiming" this "Word"  then at least one or more ISN"T "hearing from the Lord" because the content of the messages contradict each other.  God is not the author of confusion, nor the provider of anxiety, nor the spewer of hate, or any other thing that leaves us feeling less than Loved by our Creator as true followers of the Lord.

My tendency is that  none of them are hearing from the Lord,  for the reason stated above and simply because everyone of these people that say they have a word from the Lord are unwilling to say that it might not be.  In other words pride has elevated them to the point that humilty doesn't exist.  The kind of humility that would say "I think I got a word from the Lord, and I would like to share it, but please understand it could be wrong. I give it for your consideration."    If you presume to speak for the Lord you had better know beyond any doubt, He Said it      AND     that He wants it broadcast. 

Most of the words that I read on the internet say "better get right with God"  or "God is very angry with his people and you better grovel and beg forgiveness."  Even for the sins you do not know you commited.

Wow what bondage is that?  These people do not have the first clue about the Love of Christ.  It leaves the body of Christ confused and vulnerable to the enemy.  Because if we lose our hold on the core fact of our Saviors undying love the enemy has won.  PERIOD.  Everything I read leaves me feeling yucky.  That is not God.

If you believe in Jesus finished work on the cross. That He took your rightful place to pay for your debt. Then your sins were nailed there with Jesus.  Even the ones you do not recall.  We have to continue to grow and live according to how the Lord wants.  But if we truly believe that we have a Creator that LOVES us that much and in that way, our lives over time will reflect that.  It is not something we conjure up.  It is not something we have to plead for day after day.

He has offered us true freedom and most people cannot handle that. They really can't handle someone else who has found it either.  Do you believe He loves you?  Than go and sin no more is what I believe Jesus said.  If you truly believe that He will be with you.  No insecurity,  No confusion, No anxiety. Not from him anyhow.

A word about repentance.  That has been completely misunderstood by most.  There are things that we know are wrong and can give up easily. When we truly feel and understand the Love of Chrsit, it isn't even an issue. They are gone.  However there are deeper issues of sin that seem to be a very part of our makeup. We know they are there, we want to change them but it never really sticks.   Most would tell you buck up and grit your teeth and do the best you can. WOW  as a recovering addict that is just a slap in the face.  Jesus said if you even look at a woman with lust you have sinned.  His followers said, "well who can be saved then"  Jesus said,"with man this is IMPOSSIBLE but with God all things are possible."  So what is repentance with those types of sins?

:Let me ask it this way.  "What do most believers do with those sins?"   In my experience they try to hide them.  Pretend they do not exist.  Then they get into the thought that something is wrong with them because nobody else seems to struggle.    Take my word for it.  Everyone has those types of sin issues.  EVERYONE.  They all are hiding it too, or they have truly gained victory over it.  But it wasn't by there effort that they have gained that victory.  Honesty. Honesty Honesty, before the Lord about your specific condition.  Honesty that there is nothing you can do about it, but want to.  Then inviting the Lord into that area to do the work only He can do.  Most of the time it will be a process and take time and involve continued failure. He who started a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.  Even when your not. So take heart and do not let these "Prophets" beat on you.  They are in the wrong not you. And sin for you may not be for someone else.  This is your walk with the Lord and He will let you know if there is something He would like to deal with.   When it is done this way  ----Nobody gets the credit for the change in you but the Lord.  He will share his Glory with nobody.

One other thing these "Prophets" will do is use a lot of scripture reference to back up what they say.  It gives it a look of officialness.   Do not be fooled by that.   Many a cult leader has done the same thing.

So Look Out Now

I have a word for all of those "Prophets" out there  How Dare You beat up the body of Christ. How dare you presume to speak the Word of the Lord.  How dare you attempt to tie them in chains of bondage to make your own chains feel looser.   How Dare You  ---    How Dare You   -----    How Dare You.

May the Lord Rebuke You for your Folly.   If you think the Lord gave you a word, you better apply it to yourself first, because he gave it to YOU.  Do you get it??????  HE Gave it to YOU!!!!!

The Lord said take the log out of your eye first.  WOW,  how do you miss that?  Do you understand why the Lord said that?   One reason is because you will then approach your brother or sister from a stance of humility rather than pride.... If the Lord is mad at anyone it is you the FALSE  PROPHETS   again


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